“We all  have a story in our hearts. It is our duty to express it through our choices, our actions, and our integrity each and every day by committing to living our most authentic lives.”

                   -J.L.L. Sears, 12/28/20


J.L.L. Sears is a poet and the author of a variety of fictional works. J.L.L. is drawn to music and the written word, and feels compelled to blend multi-sensory experiences to capture a 360 degree view of life, love, and the vast expanse of mysteries this universe offers.

J.L.L. believes that expression in all its forms can empower, embolden, and move us to greater heights, so that we may delve deeply into our own inner world for healing and expansion, in order to emerge fulfilled and ready to help others venture into the unknown.




“Be brave, be bold, and never waver in the pursuit of your heart’s tenderest, burning desires. It is through the journey you will serve as a trailblazer by which others may ignite their own fires and set alight the world with love.”

                       -J.L.L. Sears, 12/28/2020